Airlift Wheelchair

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USP: Durable: Medical Grade: Trusted by over 50 years



  1. Designed in Canada
  2. Comfort & Care Focused
  3. Easy to travel with
  4. Contains foot brakes for ease

Conditions Used For:

1. Paralysis
2. Musculoskeletal issues.
3. Broken bones or injury to the legs or feet.
4. Neurological issues.
5. Balance or ait problems.
6. Inability to walk long distances.


Acing all safety guidelines, the Arrex Airlift wheelchair comes with two safety belts, one at the back and the other on the thighs. This chair is lightweight and comes with an attendant foot break, making it easier for you to stroll around in comfort with your loved one. The special feature in Airlift is compact-folding and hence, it is easily portable. The flip-up handles make it easier for you to access the chair as you want to, while the mag wheels help create balance and friction at the same time. Arrex wheelchairs are designed in Canada.

Airlift wheelchair has an aluminum body weighing only 6 kgs, hence making a better option for a portable wheelchair. This wheelchair comes with a carry bag and small mag wheels for ease of movement. Foot brakes help your caregiver to control the directions and speed of the wheelchair without hassle.

Safe and feasible for travel due to ultra-compact structure and lightweight
Who is this product Ideal for?

Due to a seat width of 12 inches, Airlift can fit through small doors and can be stored at the back of your car or any corner of your living space. You can fold the wheelchair vertically and horizontally, hence saving massive storage space. Your caregiver can be relieved with its safety belts on the back and on the thighs, so the patient does not slip.