Clara Wheelchair

Clara Wheelchair

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USP: Durable: Medical Grade: Trusted by over 50 years



  1. Lightweight
  2. Portable
  3. Designed in Canada
  4. Comfortable
  5. Includes neck support, safety divider, and recliner back

Conditions Used For:

1. Paralysis
2. Musculoskeletal issues.
3. Broken bones or injury to the legs or feet.
4. Neurological issues.
5. Balance or ait problems.
6. Inability to walk long distances.


Clara is introduced by the Sprout series of Arrex wheelchairs, specially designed for children. Keeping in mind the extra pampers and comfort children require, Clara comes with a wide variety of seating options. Some of its major solace features include neck support, safety divider, and recliner back. Arrex wheelchairs are designed in Canada.

This wheelchair has a chromed steel body weighing 18 kgs and has a weight-bearing capacity of 110 kgs. This wheelchair is especially suitable for kids and young adults due to the features it has to offer. Clara has a flip-up armrest and flip-up footrest for your child to adjust the chair according to its arm and leg strain. Its solid mag wheels make moving the wheelchair around brisk and smooth, for you.

Clara is a young adult feature equipped with a wide variety of safety and comfort customizations.
Who is this product Ideal for?

Clara is an ideal option for you if you are looking for a wheelchair that can keep your child uptight and safe in its seat. Features like safety divider and removable side support work harmoniously to achieve the same. This wheelchair is a comfortable yet trusted option for you as a parent or caretaker, as its steel body structure ensures the complete safety of your kid.

What is a Wheelchair?

A Wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels for use as a means of transport by a person who is unable to walk as a result of illness, injury, or disability.