Ross Wheelchair

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  1. Easy to control
  2. Lightweight
  3. Designed in Canada

Conditions Used For:

1. Paralysis
2. Musculoskeletal issues.
3. Broken bones or injury to the legs or feet.
4. Neurological issues.
5. Balance or ait problems.
6. Inability to walk long distances.


Ross wheelchair comes from the Arrex ZEN series, having a light-weight aluminum structure and high functionality. It eases your controlling with its self-drive wheels and eases your caretaker’s control even more with hand brakes. Comfort will come in handy, with its calf strap and height-adjustable armrest. Arrex wheelchairs are designed in Canada.

Ross is a compact wheelchair with an aluminum structure and a weight-bearing capacity of 120 kgs. This wheelchair is a durable and robust option in the series of compact wheelchairs with a wide seating area of 18.2 inches. You can rest your legs without any congested space due to a wheelchair height of 35 inches.

A compact wheelchair designed to meet utmost comfort in patient’s sitting.
Who is this product Ideal for?

A fully functional and comfortable wheelchair that is easy to use for you and your caretaker. Anti-tipping wheels support you to stay safe and uptight in your seat without any chance of disbalance. With Ross’s quick-release wheels, mobility becomes easy for the patient itself. Choose Ross if you are looking for user stability and control as one of your top priorities

What is a Wheelchair?

A Wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels for use as a means of transport by a person who is unable to walk as a result of illness, injury, or disability.