Medpulse Pro I Pulse Oximeter

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  1. Compact & Energy efficient
  2. Reliable & accurate readings
  3. Auto-Off enabled
  4. Sound Alarm
  5. Multidirectional display

Conditions Used For:

Pulse Oximeter is used when patients have:

1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
2. Asthma
3. Pneumonia
4. Lung cancer
5. Anemia
6. Heart attack or heart failure
7. Congenital heart defects

Other Day-to-Day uses include:

  1. Assess how well a new lung medication is working
  2. Evaluate whether someone needs help breathing
  3. Evaluate how helpful a ventilator is
  4. Monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require sedation
  5. Determine how effective supplemental oxygen therapy is, especially when treatment is new


MEDPULSE PRO I is a compact designed pulse oximeter and a medical grade & CE certified product that is designed meticulously to provide consistent oxygen level monitoring for patients. Designed for Accuracy

MEDPULSE PRO I is designed to provide the most reliable & accurate monitoring for oxygen levels.

Flexible & Power Efficient

MEDPULSE PRO I provide compact & power-efficient design that comes with a multi-directional display for flexible reading.


CE Certified MEDPULSE PRO I is Auto-Off enabled & comes with alarm and sound indicators.

Designed with Care

Medura Healthcare is a well-known name in the field of medical devices & supplies. Our extensive experience helps us design & deliver products that are suitable for use by everyone and are 100% safe.

Compact & Energy efficient
Reliable & accurate readings
Auto-Off enabled
Sound Alarm
Multidirectional display
Product Includes:

Hanging rope – 1 nos
1-year warranty

What is an Oximeter?

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method for monitoring a person's oxygen saturation. Peripheral oxygen saturation readings are typically within 2% accuracy of the more desirable reading of arterial oxygen saturation from arterial blood gas analysis.