MS20 Walking Stick

MS20 Walking Stick

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  1. Lightweight
  2. Portable
  3. Nonslip rubber shoes included
  4. Foldable walker

Conditions Used For:

1. Maintaining Balance
2. Correcting Posture
3. Old Age
4. Inability to walk long or short distances without support
5. Broken bones/injury
6. Dislocation of joints
7. In case of extra stability while walking


The MS10 Walking stick is the perfect help for anyone using it. It aids the senior by providing support while walking. The elegant design includes a custom fit palm grip that perfectly fits the hands. With special attention to palm rest, this walking stick is sure to reduce your fatigue - day or night.

What is a Walking Stick?

A walking stick or walking cane is a device used primarily to aid walking, provide postural stability or support, or assist in maintaining a good posture.