Nanuk Wheelchair

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✓ Attendant Brakes
✓ Foldable
✓ Comfortable
✓ Designed in Canada
✓ Flip Armrest

Conditions Used For:

1. Paralysis
2. Musculoskeletal issues.
3. Broken bones or injury to the legs or feet.
4. Neurological issues.
5. Balance or ait problems.
6. Inability to walk long distances.

A lightweight wheelchair designed in Canada for the most comfortable experience. The Nanuk wheelchair comes with mag wheels and in a compact, foldable bag for you to travel easily. The seat is 20 inch wide with a capacity of 100kgs. Comfort features include flip armrest, attendant brakes and safety belt.

What is a Wheelchair?

A Wheelchair is a a chair fitted with wheels for use as a means of transport by a person who is unable to walk as a result of illness, injury, or disability.